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Timber Paling Fence

Timber Paling Fencing has been a traditional fencing solution for Australians for decades. A timber fence is not only an economical option but ads a classic style to your home. The variety of styles available and the ability to apply any colour you choose enables you to design the classic stylish fence for your home.

Besides the timeless character of a timber fence, you will also have a product that naturally absorbs sound, is a great wind break and is a sustainably sourced product. The installation of a timber fence is quite quick to erect and can be installed on all types of sites including difficult slopes.

Timber paling fences are a great way to create privacy and security for your family whilst adding value to your home. It is a great alternative to our ModularWalls™ and our COLORBOND® Fencing and can be enhanced with one of our customised automated gates.

Timber fences can provide an effective means of:

  • Defining property boundaries

  • Confining pets

  • Screening from sun and wind

  • Providing privacy from the street or neighbours

  • Reducing traffic noise

  • Providing a safety barrier around swimming pools or other hazards

Due to the fact that we live in a cyclonic tropical climate, timber paling fences do not have as long a lifespan as ModularWalls™