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Security Fencing

The leaders in security fencing for Government and commercial applications is crimped spear top security fencing panels (also known as Hercules or Diplomat). Be it school fencing, Government or commercial fencing or a domestic fencing, you will be safe and secure with crimped spear top security fencing.

Keeping your commercial property and business safe is often the most important consideration when deciding on a new security fence. This is true regardless of whether you are installing a new fence or replacing an old one. Fortunately, there are many types of security fences available. This means you are sure to find one that suits best.

Crimped spear top security fencing is available in high tensile, long lasting powder coated aluminium or pre-galvanised powder coated steel. It is manufactured from 40mm x 40mm horizontal rails and 25mm x 25mm square tube pickets punched through, welded and finished with a crimped spear top.

At Dog Gone Fencing we can construct on a small or large scale fencing project due to our unique project management system. We ensure safety, adhere to schedules, environmental and sustainability policies, culturally and socially inclusive, and are local community minded. Dog Gone Fencing has worked on numerous State Government and Commercial projects. All of our projects adhere to the Australian Standards and we are proud to provide environmental fencing solutions.



Dog Gone Fencing have installed crimped spear top security fencing for a wide variety of applications, including:

  • State Primary and High Schools (D.E.T.E Specifications)

  • Private Primary and High Schools (D.E.T.E Specifications)

  • Commercial Properties

  • Warehouses

  • Factories

  • Medical Centres

  • Shopping Centres

  • Office Buildings

  • Sports Grounds

  • Apartment Complexes

  • Aged Care Facility

  • Caravan Parks

  • Industrial Properties

  • Government Properties

  • Domestic Properties, such as infills between block pillars


D.E.T.E Security Fence Panel Profile

DETE Security Fence Panel Dog Gone Fencing

Steel Security Fence Panel Profile

Steel Security Fence Panel Dog Gone Fencing

Aluminium Security Fence Panel Profile

Aluminium Security Fence Dog Gone Fencing

D.E.T.E Compliance

Our crimped spear top security fencing complies with D.E.T.E specifications which are the education departments fencing specification and is designed to secure schools and educational facilities from unauthorised access, and assist with vehicle and pedestrian traffic to and from the site. The fencing consists of 2400mm long panels with a sharp crimped spear top welded into horizontal rails and secured to posts with proprietary security bracket and anti-tamper fastenings. The D.E.T.E specifications enable it to be installed at all Queensland state and private schools. Crimped Spear top security fencing is available off the shelf or in custom form. It can be custom designed to suit any school project, be it over sloping terrain or level ground, while visually enhancing the school.

When dealing with D.E.T.E Specification projects, we aim to complete projects within school holidays. When the project is too large to complete within the school holidays safety is paramount to Dog Gone Fencing and temporary fencing is installed to separate students and the public from the work areaAll of our D.E.T.E fencing products are manufactured by authorised manufacturers/suppliers who are able to provide a certificate of compliance. The compliance certificate is required for D.E.T.E certification.


Our tough, rust-free aluminium panels, gates, and posts are made from 6063 T6 aluminium and designed specifically for security purposes. Rails are 40mm x 40mm with 25mm square pickets passing through the rails, welded & finished with a pressed spear. Panel widths are 2400mm or we can manufacture to size if required. Gates can be manufactured to size to suit your opening size.

Our Aluminium Posts are manufactured from 6063 T6 Aluminium and Powder Coated for superior strength and corrosion resistance properties. As the posts can be in close vicinity to a high chlorine and salt water environment, you should insist on aluminium posts for your garden fencing to ensure longer life and structural integrity. Our Aluminium Post Range is available in a 65mm x 65mm square profile with inground, core-drilled and base-plated options.


Our tough, Steel Hercules panels, gates and posts are made from pre-galvanised steel and designed specifically for security purposes. Rails are 40mm x 40mm with 25mm square pickets passing through the rails, welded & finished with a pressed spear. Panel widths are 2400mm or we can manufacture to size if required. Gates can be manufactured to size to suit your opening.

Our Steel Posts are manufactured from pre-galvanised Steel and Powder Coated for superior strength and corrosion-resistance properties. Our Steel Post Range is available in a 65mm x 65mm square profile with inground, core-drilled and base-plated options.


Security Fencing can be used for commercial and domestic applications. As the crimped spear top security fencing comes in panel form it can be installed by the DIY enthusiast.

Checklist/Handy Hints

Below is a checklist of considerations you may need to address. Each situation will vary so you must be vigilant and ensure that you have consulted with an experienced Fencing Company, such as Dog Gone Fencing, to assist you with your individual needs.

  • Use our Fence Plan to accurately design and order the materials you require.

  • Discuss your needs with one of our qualified staff to place an order and ensure your materials will arrive in time for your project.

  • If your new fence is a boundary fence that you share with a neighbour, ensure that you have informed them of your intentions. You can use our “Good Neighbour Policy” as a guide to help you.

  • Consult with a surveyor if your boundary lines are in any way unclear. Just because there is an existing fence, does not mean it was constructed on the correct boundary line.

  • Ensure your new fence meet any approvals required or certificates of compliance.

  • Dial-Before-You-Dig! Call 1100 to check for all underground services.

Site Plan & Ordering

  • Draw a plan of your site and include measurements and decide on fence and post positions.
  • Using the below Material Checklist calculate the materials you require for your project.
  • Contact Dog Gone Fencing to help you sort out your order.
Security Fence Dog Gone Fencing

String Line & Post Holes

  • Set Stringline along the desired line of the fence, close to the ground – this is the bottom line of your fence panels
  • Measure out all holes, starting with the gate post holes
  • Dig post holes along string line 600mm deep x 250mm in diameter
  • Posts should sit approx. 500mm into the post holes

Install Posts

  • Ensure post centres are accurate (see above diagram for details)
  • Ensure posts are flush and level along stringline then pour concrete around posts up to 50mm above ground level and taper away from post
  • If you are using flanged posts, fix with appropriate concrete or timber fixings

Install Panels

  • Attach panels to posts using Panel Brackets & Self Tapping Tek Screws
  • 2 Rail panel styles require 4 brackets
  • Ensure the bottom of panels are no more than 100mm off the ground at any point
  • Recommended height off the ground is 50-80mm

Install Gate/s

  • Attach hinge & latch components of Gate Kit to gate as per instructions
  • Custom Hercules gates, double swing gates and sliding gates all have differing methods of installation. Please discuss this with one of our experienced staff at any of our stores
  • Tap on Post caps with soft end mallet
Security Fence Installation Dog Gone Fence


All of our work comes with a 12-month warranty and the products we used are backed by the manufacturer’s warranty. The manufacturer’s warranty will differ from supplier to supplier and will vary on the product. Please feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions in relation to your warranty.

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