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ModularWalls™ Residential

ModularWall residential systems are the modern approach to fencing solutions for residential and commercial applications. With the limitless style options and the acoustic quality of the modular panels, you will not only add street appeal to your home but also value. ModularWalls™ is a solution for residential and commercial fencing needs, Australia wide. The grand visual appeal associated with brick rendered walls can now be recreated through a composite of modular panels and posts. It’s not only faster, easier and less expensive to install, but visually provides the same high-end appearance.

Our ModularWall residential fencing solution offers exceptional soundproofing qualities, are pre-engineered, cost-effective solution to the rendered block wall, hassle-free installation, suitable for boundary and retainer solutions, exceptional longevity, and various styles that can be mix and matched with other products.

Dog Gone Fencing is a preferred installer for Mackay and the surrounding areas of ModularWall residential line. The modern modular post and panel system can be installed in a matter of days and requires no strip footings, specialised skills or heavy machinery. The residential applications include boundary walls, front walls, retaining walls, pool areas, corner blocks, courtyards, feature walls, and acoustic walls.

As a comparison to brick rendered walls, many homeowners are looking to alternative wall solutions to emulate the look of masonry rendered walls. This saves homeowners from incurring high costs and hassles associated with brick rendered construction and can eliminate the need to apply for council approval.

ModularWalls™ has been National Acoustic Laboratory tested and rated. ModularWalls™ have an acoustic benefit, with a typical 20+dB reduction in audible noise. Typically, you can expect up to a fourfold audible reduction in traffic noise, keeping both traffic and neighbours at bay.

Whether you want to create privacy in your garden, around your pool, or in the front yard, ModularWall residential applications offers a range of solutions with standard heights available from 900mm up to 3,000mm. Automatic gates are the perfect accompaniment to secure your yard. Lights and external cameras can also be easily attached providing maximum privacy and security.

The ModularWall™ systems can be individualised to your style and personality by adding timber slats or infills, render or textured paint, l