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ModularWalls™ Commercial

ModularWalls™ systems are the modern approach to fencing solutions for residential and commercial applications. MadularWalls commercial applications include: AcoustiMax, TerraFirm, EnduroMax and AcoustiSorb.

Boundary Walls & Fences

Typically, boundary walls and fences have been constructed from traditional materials and often not considered thoroughly as part of the overall project. Consequently, rendered brick or block is used sparingly due to the excessive cost, whilst timber and steel fencing doesn’t offer good return on investment due to short life spans – and can drag the overall aesthetic and amenity of the project down.

The ModularWalls commercial range of composite post and panel solutions offers greater design flexibility and premium aesthetics throughout. Whether you’re trying to save on cost versus brick and blockwork without sacrificing the look, or upgrade the project’s permanent fencing for premium architectural aesthetics and better return on investment with significantly longer life spans, you can be sure that the tried and tested ModularWalls will contribute to the project value and exceed all performance measures expected of traditional materials.

Retaining Wall

ModularWalls commercial range of engineered TerraFirm retaining wall panels are perfect for creating strong, durable and visually pleasing retaining walls to compliment the design of your project in both residential and commercial settings. Unlike concrete sleepers which are heavy and leave gaps between stacked sleepers, the TerraFirm retaining wall panels are lightweight reinforced composite panels – enabling faster construction with less requirement for machinery and labour.

TerraFirm panels can be used with corresponding modular posts or structural steel depending on the requirements of the job.

Furthermore, by utilising TerraFirm panels within our wall and fence systems, you can seamlessly integrate retaining capability with your wall or fence requirement to maximise useful land area and elevate the aesthetic outcome of your project with Integrated Retaining & Barrier (or Boundary) Walls, while minimising trades on-site and achieve overall project savings.

Noise Walls & Acoustic Walls

ModularWalls commercial range of composite, post and panel noise wall systems have proven acoustic properties suitable for a wide range of applications. ModularWalls commercial noise wall and acoustic fence solutions are specifically designed for the harsh Australian climate and can be utilised anywhere in the country – from the coast to the outback to cyclonic areas.

A noise wall or acoustic fence – also referred to as a noise barrier, acoustic wall, sound wall, noise fence and soundproof fence – are utilised for various types of noise reduction. ModularWalls™, have carefully engineered their products to ensure high performance criteria and design life, maximising value and return on investment and enabling peace of mind for designers, builders, developers and asset owners alike.

Sound Absorbing Walls

ModularWalls commercial sound absorbing panels are designed to enclose and screen the noise source and either reflect or absorb the noise source away from the receiver. The proper design of an acoustic enclosure will account for all facets of the type of noise being generated: What is the amount of reduction required? Is the noise being reflected or absorbed? Is the noise source high or low frequency? Does the equipment require ventilation?

The panels have specifically been designed to help commercial customers reduce unwanted noise generated by rooftop air conditioning systems and noisy generators. The AcoustiSorb panels displays sound absorbing properties, keeping the sound within a tight perimeter around the source. Additionally, our noise attenuation solutions are aesthetically pleasing and of superior design, with a waterproof membrane primarily used for rooftops or encasing generators.