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Chainwire Fencing

Chain Wire Fencing is an alternative to crimp spear top fencing. Dog Gone Fencing has worked on numerous large-scale jobs previously including the mining, energy industry, commercial and Government projects. With our uniquely designed project management system we will ensure the at most safety for our staff and those in the nearby our work area as well as adhering to schedules. And to complete the project, we can construct an automated gate to suit your requirements.

Chain Mesh Fencing, also known as chainwire fencing, can be supplied and erected all over Australia but our main areas of service are Mackay and the surrounding areas. Chain Mesh Fencing is a unique fence and can be used in a number of locations and applications.

It is perfectly suited to the following uses:

  • Tennis Court Fencing

  • Ball Court Fencing

  • School Fencing

  • Boundary Fencing

  • Car Park Fence

  • Low-Security Boundary Fence

  • High-Security Boundary Fence

  • Dividing Fence

  • Domestic Fencing

  • Queensland Rail Corridors (along railway lines)

  • Department of Transport  and Main Roads (koala fencing, road boundaries)

  • Factory Fencing

  • Airport Fencing



Chainmesh/Chain Wire Security Fencing
Dog Gone Fencing design, supply and install chainmesh/chain wire security fencing all over Australia for a wide array of applications. Chainmesh security fencing is a highly effective, cost effective solution suitable for high security applications. Chainmesh security fencing can be topped with rows of barbed wire, the barbed wires can also be extended on straight posts, cranked extensions or even double cranks. All chainmesh security fences constructed by Dog Gone Fencing conform with AS1725.1-2010. Razor wire toppings are also available.

Chainmesh/Chain Wire Mine Site Fencing
Dog Gone Fencing has used chainmesh fencing in a wide range of applications on mine sites all over Australia. High-security chainmesh security fencing can be used for explosive storage facilities to tennis courts to walkway pedestrian management fences. Chainmesh fencing is a versatile and adaptable solution for mine sites.

Chainmesh/Chain Mesh Internal Fencing
Dog Gone Fencing supply and install the full range of chainmesh fencing internally. Internal chainmesh partitions/fencing are an effective, secure method of segregating areas within a factory/warehouse, delineating dangerous goods/areas or simply to create an additional level of security for valuable goods within a warehouse.

Chainmesh/Chain Mesh Sporting Fencing
Dog Gone Fencing supply and install chainmesh fencing to various sporting applications. These include;

  • Chainmesh fences for ovals and sporting complexes
  • Chainmesh for cricket practice wickets
  • Chainmesh for tennis/netball courts (typically 3600mm high)
  • Chainmesh structures for backdrops for baseball/softball
Chainwire Fence Diagram


All chainmesh security fences are constructed by Dog Gone Fencing conform with AS1725.1-2010. Generally, the chainmesh will be a 50mm diamond x 2.5mm wire or 50mm diamond x 3.25mm wire depending on the client’s needs. Razor wire is also available as an extra addition for security fencing.

Chain Wire Fencing comes in a variety of configurations such as:

  • 50mm diamond x 2.5mm or 3.15mm galvanised wire
  • 60mm diamond x 2.5mm galvanised wire
  • 25mm diamond available on special order – lead times apply
  • Black PVC coated versions of chainwire are available as well as green PVC coated
  • Common widths including 900mm, 1200mm, 1800mm, 2100mm, and 3600mm, custom order widths include 600mm, 1500mm, and 2400mm
  • Tennis court chain wire mesh can either be 50mm diameter x 2.5 wire or 50mm x 3.15mm wire which are available in black PVC
  • Roll lengths are generally 15 or 20m, wider products are 10m
  • Knuckle / knuckle and knuckle/ barb selvedge versions available
Chain link chain mesh profiles knuckle-knuckle, knuckle-barbed, barbed-barbed Dog Gone Fencing

Australian Standards

The Australian Standard for chainlink security fencing is covered by AS1725-2010.

The Australian Standard for Chain-link Fabric Fencing and Gates (aka Chainwire) replaces AS1725-2010 – “Chain-link fabric security fences and gates”.

AS1725-2010 expands on the main application areas of chain-link fabric fencing and gates for various classes of fencing.


All of our work comes with a 12-month warranty and the products we used are backed by the manufacturer’s warranty. The manufacturer’s warranty will differ from supplier to supplier and will vary on the product. Please feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions in relation to your warranty.

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